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alternative recipes like turbofuel and compacted coal should be available in the craft bench because they are a completely different recipe not a different way to make something.
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I believe that in vain alternative recipes were removed from manual production and there they should always be

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You still have to research them in M.A.M from hard drive, and so all Alternative recipes belong in machines, not in craft bench !
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I don't get your logic there...

You have to research power slugs (etc.) in the M.A.M. so they should also by your logic only be available n machines...
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Research first in M.A.M from harddrive, then use Milestone to get the recepie and then in craft bench, like turbofuel.
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I will not give examples, but if I found out a new recipe, then you should be able to use it everywhere and in factories and in manual production
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I disagree. Alternatives are making us dependent from machines if we want to be the most efficient, and it fits the game stages well (manual craft -> manual refill of fuel -> fully automated -> same but faster).

Being able to produce everything everyway and super fast on the same small bench lategame would make the endgame weird.
1) It would make automation less interesting.
2) It would ruin the space constraint. You should have to find a new valley to build a second or third factory. Not be able to remain confined to a 500 m2 area...

Turbofuel only goes in vehicles and power plants, not in the jetpack. If you use the explorer you have storage for turbofuel from your Factory on it. So there's no real need to craft it while on exploration. Plus you already rely on a petrol pump to get any fuel so your suggestion won't be helpful in any situation...

About the Space constraint :
Nuclear can only be crafted in machines and have huge space constraints due to radiations. This feels right, except radiations are a pain even after you're done building and tuning that plant. This is effective to make you spread on the map but very agressive...  Having to rely on big machines for alternate recipes is softer.

We can still craft everything necessary manualy. Craft simple fuel and drive back home.

Edit : that was meant to answer the main suggestion. Not comment the answer. My bad.
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