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I was wondering about having a new item ingame which is the result of machining via Manufacturer :

Nuclear Waste + Encased Industrial Beams + Heavy Modular Frames + another ore (since graphite is not an option atm). In a slow and VERY expensive manner of course

The new Compacted Waste (or whaterver the name may be) would eventually grant a lower amount of the total waste stacks and a lower RANGE of radioactivity only once stored

(I do also support the idea of dedicated shielded container, as already suggested, having an almost zero emission radius result if filled with treated waste material - but without removing radioactivity for good for the sake of challange)

What do you think?
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Uff one Nuclear Waste didn't one reactor produces 25 in 5 minutes this would take a ton of manufacturer and maybe even take the complete Sam ore that's currently around the map
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You right, that needs some tweak indeed.
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Alternative : Compacted Waste
5 Nuclear Waste + 5 Heavy Modular Frame + 30 Quartz Crystal + 20 Concrete
Crafting Time : 1 min
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Can I include this recipe, or a variant of this recipe, in my Fast Neutron Reactor suggestion? I’m in the process of editing it, and would like to add this to enhance the suggestion.
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Well, my suggestion was toward decreasing the radiation radius/spread and also reducing the volume of the storage needed to put those to rest while your FNR is a new machine to convert/recycle waste to make power from it... quite a different angle. However, feel free to use anything you want for your own purpose.
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