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Hello. I noticed when I did my combination posts, that people only read half of the large post, then judged it based on that. That is not fair to me. I will shorten them in the hopes it gets people to actually read what I am trying to say

I find the combat to be very annoying. The Rifle takes way too much machinery to even hope of making some ammo. Even then you burn through the ammo way too fast. It can take anywhere between 8-20 bullets to kill one enemy (direct hits)

I get that everyone prefers doing things differently so instead of suggesting a change to Rifles, I will instead suggest a new gun, or an alternative to that

A pump action shotgun would be the gun suggestion I have. This will be a lower tier, and require far less resources to make. The downside is the short range, and time between shells

The Shells could take Black Powder, Copper and Iron Ore

If people are not ok with that idea, my alternative is a Power Armor equivalent. I tried suggesting it in my prior posts and didn't get any comments so I have no idea what people would think of it. I also came up with new ideas since then

I am thinking the Power Armor could be a Vehicle and have a built in Flame Thrower. It would have 2 Fuel slots. One is for the Power Armor, and the other is for the Flame Thrower

The Flame Thrower can only accept Bio Fuel, Fuel, or Turbo Fuel. The Power Armor can use Bio Fuel, Fuel, Turbo Fuel, or Batteries

Whichever you choose, there could be a Mk1 and Mk2. Power Armor would be slow at Mk1 while Mk2 is faster. If the Power Armor Equivalent is chosen, it would give Turbo Fuel another use.. increasing the value of it

That is the combat of things. I want to finish by suggesting a change to the inventory page (equipment). I would like to see a leg, body, and head slot. That way you can equip more, and increase the expandability of the game

Example: Head Slot could be used for a Flood Light. Something much brighter than the Standard Flash Light

That is the most I have. Thank you if you read this!
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Perhaps you could fare better if you expressed each idea as an individual post. Having more than one idea in a single post designed to get an up or down vote seems counterproductive at best.

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Only the elite stinger and the green spitter take 20 shots, and those are difficult to kill creatures on purpose. A regular hog dies with 3-4 shots.

If you're needing 20 shots for anything other than the above 2 hard type of creatures, you're not getting direct hits. Note that the rifle has a 150m range, while you can easily SEE much farther.

The rifle isn't a "close combat" weapon, it's a weapon you use to snipe enemies with at a distance. To estimate the range, try placing a stackable conveyor pole.  You can build at 100m distance, so you can use your buildable distance as a measure of  how far the rifle will go.

As to the "pump shotgun"...  Try the rebar gun. It does 250% the damage of the rifle, but it needs a reload per shot, and doesn't have the same range.

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Just automate everything correctly and this wouldn't be an issue. I've had no problem automating rifle ammo to the point I now have 3 x 48-slot industrial boxes full of rifle ammo. I can take out 20-40 stacks of it and go out and drive around shooting things in the world and it will be full again by the time I get back to my main factory. I can't possibly use up the rifle ammo faster than my factory can produce it. The gun is fine as it is, you're just not automating things correctly.
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The materials to make the ammo is much more compact than the ammo.  I usually have 2 stacks of ammo on me, and a couple stacks of nobelisk (which has it's own uses) and steel pipes.  Plop down a temporary work bench to make more ammo as needed.
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"The Rifle takes way too much machinery to even hope of making some ammo."

Welcome to supply chain games. There is no such thing as 'takes up to much machinery to do something', building the automation is a huge part of the gameplay.

Now, I think satisfactory still has some substantial issues with factory building. 1st person is a terrible viewpoint for building these huge factories and there aren't good ways of getting better viewpoints. Note, I said that there aren't *good* ways of getting these viewpoints. There are ways to get them, they're just all a pain in the ass to work with.

There are other things that will also make this portion of the game feel less tedious, but I put the game down about half-way through the steel tier because working with the build system wasn't enjoyable and I'm hoping it gets some major QoL upgrades.

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