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It'd be good to have a building in which food like berries etc. can grow.

Therefor you'd use the idea with fluid and pipes to pump water and fertilizer fluids.....

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Devs have confirmed , there won't be any pipes or fluids !
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Could you please link us to where you have seen this stated online?
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There is video of the Coffie stain tour, the Devs trolling Pipes confirmed, witch means no pipes.
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That video was posted over a month ago. Why are there two threads today on the Q&A website something about people thinking we're getting pipes and fluids in game? There's something I'm missing somewhere.
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Request/suggestions for pipes and liquids have been made long time ago, Devs finally have to make clear (in they own way) it will not happen.
Some people don't know that, and they blindly asking for the feature witch will never be in game.
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Aha! That makes a little sense finally.
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Closest thing for now, is Lizard Doggo's. Just be prepared to deal with a nuclar waste, now and then. But all the food and slugs, makes it worth it.
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This works. I might instead prefer just the ability to somehow plant the various food bushes/other growable resources. But for the moment, honestly I get plenty of these resources. I've not been bothered to date with the lack of these resources.
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