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Hello, in the beginning when we're playing with a friend all is well! But then, an hour or two later, the horror begins!!! I go pick up nuts, they are not selected disappear from the trees, or click on the menu it is standard q pomoymu, it does not open, after 2 minutes only opens. Many wrote in support of Epic games, really can not say anything. Only gave a link to this forum. Perhaps we can give this server to me through the game files? Or through your admin menu. A lot of things not connected, freezes and so on. The server itself gives the other. I hope you can pass through the game files!

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game early access , beta , not finished !!

wait till 2020 when game fully release !!
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There is no way to transfer the server to another person through the game files?
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Dedicated servers are on the roadmap as the game develops. I don't think it is as high on the priority list as getting the rest of the tiers in place, and ironing out more game mechanics.
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Read about this here. They're working on fixing and optimizing networking but in this game it involves extremely time consuming manual work and in general rather difficult to implement. They're trying. Hopefully it will get better some day.

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