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Conveyor Merger's no longer feeding three belt on to one, i have removed and replaced all belts, Conveyor lift's and machine's. have double checked to make sure machines are facing the correct way.. still nothing.. I DON'T WANT TO RESTART.. any idea's please???
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All of them or just one?
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I have checked the rest of my factory they all seem to be okay.. just what i built this morning (GMT)
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Try verify game files, delete it and make a new one.
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Have verify the game files no issue's.   Have found a work around.. removed lifts then replace to confirm that the machine out point is the correct way. Remove belt and replace with lift and replace merger and confirm it is feeding correctly.. merger still needs a fix though

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Similar behavior could be observed in ImKibitz' latest video. You can see it at 1:50


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The issue he has was with a splitter not a merger.. but thank you
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The splitter issue has been mentioned before.
The cause is one item being "stuck" halfway between  the input and one of the outputs. Effectively blocking the splitter.

As long as the belt that has the half-stuck item on will continue to take items off the belt, it'll resolve itself automatically.
But in the case of the video, it happened when one belt was full and wasn't continuing anymore. effectively blocking the other 2 outputs indefinetely.

The solution to fix it, is to manually take 1 item off the full belt.
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