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Possible way for nuclear waste solution problem:

1. Load it into Space Elevator

2. Punch it to space station which further sends it into the Sun.

3. Profit!

This would be used IRL, if not for the fear of launch failure and waste falling back to the ground and spreading around...

Also, some techniques which are used IRL for handling nuclear waste and may be applied here:

Concentration: It greatly increases amount of radiation per unit of mass, but makes it MUCH easier to store, by the factor of 10...

Reprocessing: Some useful nuclear fuel may be extracted from waste.

Cementing: Really, it's a pretty lame cliche already, that nuclear waste is glowing green liquid. IRL any long-term storage of nuclear waste in LIQUID form is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. One method of handling is mixing it into cement and making into concrete. Solid contaminates MUCH less than liquid. Variant also include vitrification, etc.

Any other ways which can be used in-game?
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I like the idea with the space elevator, would give it some extra purpose.
The only thing I can see against this is the radiation, as I do not want being "forced" to run around in a hazmat suit all the time around the elevator.
Maybe some kind of launch platform, launching a similar type of vessel to the one in the HUB into orbit? Maybe the player has to build it with a relatively high amount of materials?
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Well, we could simply be allowed to build one (or several) more elevator(s). Maybe dedicate them to either trash or "sacrifices".
I totally agree that the need to keep building new storage boxes is a pain. It may be realistic, but that would be about the only thing in the game, then. For playability, let's get rid of the stuff, either by elevator, a building that is an endless underground storage, or the Factorio way where old fuel cells can be recycled.

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One way I get rid of it is to jump in the big bottomless crater/waterfall in the grass fields. Just remove everything, including the hazmat and jump here before dying.

You will respawn at your base, without the nuclear waste.

If you don't like dying, just put it inside a tractor and deconstruct the foundation below it.

That's why I build the nuclear plants here in the first place, in the advent of a meltdown, just thrown everything here in a bottomless pit.
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