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Hello all. Now that I have played more, I have more feedback and suggestions. In my last post I covered Foundation regarding trains. I suggested that the rail be built in to the Foundation so it is a 1 step process. I am seeing another use that does not involve vehicles now

I find it annoying at how much of a ramp you have to build just to reach the tallest areas

It would be great if there was an Elevator that would allow you to go straight up the side of foundations. That way you don't have to rely on ramps to go up

An alternative of that as like a Cargo Elevator would be great as well. Something that could transport raw materials or products up and down. That would save a lot of hassle with trying to use ramps and those Mk 3 lifts

In the game's current state, I have to use both Mk 3 lifts and a ramp because the lifts only go up (for the Train stations).. Not down. If I could get a combo up and down with two or even 3 belt feeds that would be great as well

On trains.. They are great. They allow you to move raw resources or products over great distances in a short amount of time. However they can't go up "steep" hills, they cost a lot, have a horrible turn, take a lot of power, and take way too long to get to

I want to suggest a "street car" equivalent. It would be in a lower tier. It would be a lot slower, have a better turn radius, can go up 2x8 ramps, and draw less power

The main use would be shorter distances, or in support of a Train

Each cargo car would have 24 slots of inventory. That is half of a Truck

The rails for it would use Iron Plates and Iron Pipes

That brings me to the Trucks now. I have tried using them but, the AI is too derpy. If it goes too fast, it goes in to reverse to try and get back on course

Rocks and trees are another frustration. It only takes one tiny rock to flip over a Truck. You can build ramps or foundations over the rocks but, the Truck finds a way to get half a tire over the ramp then flip over

There is other instances I can list but, my point is, the Trucks are too much of a hassle to be worth it. The "Street Car" suggestion up there should just replace it for medium distances (or where fuel for the Truck is not present)

Last on my list for vehicles today is the Explorer. Interesting vehicle but, at best it just gets me from the Train station and back to base. That is all I use it for. It has no guns, and some areas are too tight to get it in (such as the forest). This limits the places it can go

It would be far more valuable if you could get a VTOL. I know in a prior suggestion post someone suggested a Cargo Lifting Helicopter, and it got down voted hard. I am thinking a VTOL specifically for getting you around should not be an issue

I am thinking a Mk 1 and Mk 2 can be implemented. Mk 1 uses Iron Plates, Iron Pipes, Rotors, and Wires

Mk 2 will be a much faster variant but, at a much higher Tier. It will use Alclad Aluminum Sheets, Motors, Wires, and a Computer

Similar suggestion to that is on the combat side. Combat is another frustration. The worse of the enemies right now moves way too fast, has a huge jump range, and does a lot of damage. Then you also have to worry about the gas clouds

It would be great if we could get Power Armor equivalent for reducing the damage taken. One that has built in oxygen tanks. In the presence of gas, it will seal up, and drain the oxygen. When the oxygen depletes, it will unseal to refill. You either have to be done with the battle before, or retreat if you can't finish it in time

Like most vehicles, it will only use Bio Fuel, Fuel, Turbo Fuel, or Batteries

It will be reliant on the VTOL if it is implemented

There could be a Mk 1 and Mk 2 just like the VTOL

Mk 1 could be a Modular Frame, Iron Pipes, and Wires

Mk 2 could be a Heavy Modular Frame, Alclad Aluminum Sheets, and Wires

This will not replace the Gas Mask. You should be using the Gas Mask for long durations of gas cloud exploration

On all of the vehicles, I would like to suggest a lower tier Battery. It would help with providing an alternative fuel solution to these vehicles suggestions, and current lower tier vehicles

That is the most I have :)

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Belt lifts can go both ways up and down.

For combat you can use riffle, just stand high up and shoot the enemy.

For the toxic clouds, you make air filter.
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Ok then something must be bugged on my end. My game has had issues lately. Regardless.. It would be easier to do a Cargo Elevator for a Train Station rather than make a bunch of Cargo Lifts. It would combine the work

Problem with the Rifle is that it takes too many Cartridges to kill the enemy I am referring to. By the time you manage to reload it is already in your face from how fast it moves

If there was a Rifle Variant that used Batteries (Laser Rifle), then that would make life easier. As it stands, you need 2 Manufacturer's plus an Assembler at the end of a line just to make Cartridges. That is too much

I know to make Gas Masks but, I am saying the Power Armor should be a "band aid" solution. Something that will make it possible to melee, or take hits from the enemy I am referring to
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OMG!  Do we need YET ANOTHER fighting game? There must be hundreds out there - PLEASE leave this game as a high-end sandbox/construction game.  NO FREEKING "PVP" PhuLEEZ!
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Trains are completely broken right now. Multiplayer is broken and doesn't work either 50% of the time. They need to fix so much about this game.
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