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This game uses Windowed Borderless disguised as Fullscreen, so vsync will not work properly, nor the game perform optimally.

The -FULLSCREEN parameter doesn't help either.

It's a very basic requirement for any game, that isn't Solitare or Minesweeper.

We need proper the exclusive fullscreen option!
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I have no issues with vsync  (60Hz) in full screen, and full screen keeps my mouse where windowed does not. Are you sure you have not toggled vsync disabled in the global setting for your adapter?
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I have no tearing with vsync, but the performance of it is inadequate. All games not running exclusive fullscreen have inferior performance.

Wasn't really a troubleshooting question anyhow, i already know what there is to know.
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Man it'd be so good to have consistent mouse input latency
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Exactly! @Revvilo

Sad there's so many applications to force borderless, but none to force exclusive fullscreen :\

The UE says it has exclusive fullscreen capability, and should be forced with -FULLSCREEN, but i don't think Satisfactory supports it as of yet.

Please help us, Coffee Stain, You're our only hope!
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