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I was messing around with the emotes trying to replicate the Naruto moves that i accidentally stumbled upon. Then suddenly a loud explosion sound echoed from across map. Is this some type of Easter Egg or should i be worried about something?
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i just so happened to record the sound
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To me it seems like either that's from the Manta flying over head, or something blew up in your factory. I've never had something in my factory explode though so I'm not sure. Did you leave a nobelisk somewhere unexploded and forgot about it?
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can you confirm this was not the hypersonic effect of your returning space freighter (or however this is called in english)? It sounds like that to me.


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There are a lot of small easter eggs hidden in the game and that might be one of them when you clap your hands a thunder sound will pop up.

Some more easter eggs that i've seen:

- The locomotive making an old steam train honk.

- When sending a load in space instead of the usual button pressing a fist would smash the button

- A strange animation while realoding the nail gun (might have been a bug not sure)
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Close, but no cigar ;)
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