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It's annoying to have to unplug my Xbox controller every time I start the game because it auto detects it and decides to use it in addition to mouse and keyboard. Since my controller has a minor drift issue and also because I cant set the Controller Deadzone in game it means I always run left in Satisfactory until I manually disconnect it every time. I'd rather be able to go into the menus and uncheck "Use Controller" please so I don't have to put wear and tear on my USB port all the time. I would even take it as a console command or even command a line argument if it would be easier and faster to implement.
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I cannot confirm, but what I think he means is that it sees the controller and tries to take input from it, so even if there isn't support, just having one plugged in can cause issues.
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With the partial controller support we have right now an on/off option would be nice and seeing as it is not finished maybe they could just remove it for now no more conflict if you have a controller plugged in and others could use a key mapper 3rd party program.I know most like key bored and mouse for PC but some do like a controller,on a long build i like to sit on the couch and use it.Also have a friend who has a disability and can only use a controller.
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I don't have and didn't ever had conflict when controller was plugged in so idk what are you talking about.
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My contoller also has a tiny bit of drift forcing the cursor to constantly go down the screen in the menus, oddly doesn't seem to affect my movement, imo the best fix would be to add a deadzone slider (which I'm hopeful is in the works for full controller support), but would be cool if we could get either that or the on/off switch without having to manualy unplug it each time.
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Yes, this is absolutely necessary! Seems like they've attempted to add some controller support but it's lacking very basic necessities (i.e. there's no button whatsoever for the dismantle interface). I used reWASD to make my own controller layout but the game's controller support is overriding my reWASD configuration. I appreciate that they're adding controller support to this game since situational controls would be the best and only devs can do that, but while they're working on it, the option to turn off controller support completely would be quiet nice.

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If the controller is broken as you say, replace it.

Otherwise, if you're to lazy to unplug it... how about to disable it via device manager?
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That's not a solution. They would have to do that every single time they start this game and only this game. They even said that in the first post. Other games it's fine for them. The solution is for the developers to add a controller toggle like they asked for.
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He could set it to a hotkey, or even an event for when FactoryGame.exe launches.
From what I know though, satisfactory already had an option to deny input from controllers?
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Another solution would be to select controller input at the main menu.
A smart way of doing this would be to check what clicked on "load game":
-If it's a mouse\enter, mouse and keyboard would be default control input.
-If it was X or A (controllers) then it will be the default control input.
This would check every time you go in the main menu.

The problem with this is that only one control device can be used at a time but I doubt that many people switch devices mid-play.

EDIT: It's a suggestion for the devs.
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What controllers you use? I have xbox one controller and don't have any problems.
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