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Freight platform will not fill up with resources. They are connected to train platform directly. Conveyor belts connecting to the right path. Still will not fill from conveyors. Can manually fill them, but will not be filled from conveyor belts. Any help would be appreciated.
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Saw that bug today, still not found how to solve it. I widely use trains and making new line now, where on one of the stations freight platform not filling up from conveyors. And it's just input not working, the output path is fine. Tried different orientations and tried to lift it with foundations - not working.

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You didn't mention if you clicked on the storage container at the platform and told it which direction (I could load but not unload as I forgot this.)

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I first had it on load, then when I saw that the freight container wasn’t filling, I switched to unload. I toggled between both when neither worked. Again this is the container the resources go into before loading onto the train.
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does the train stop for long enough time?
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Please check if the track has power and/or the connected Train Station has power. Freight modules for Train Stations and Truck Station does not accept any items by Conveyor Belts without power.

EDIT: Easiest check is, press E on the Train Station the Freight Station belongs to. If you see 0 MW there is no power, otherwise you should see your normal Power Net Statistics.
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There is another possibility I've seen once or twice. Do you have a Conveyor Pole directly before the Freight Station Input Slot? If yes there is a possibility the belt is just connected to the pole, not to the Station. Than it looks connected, but in reality it isn't especially since the Conveyor Pole is very "magnetic" when it comes to the belt ends.

I'm press sure you did that already, but to be sure: If that does not help deconstruct all station modules and rebuild it and reconnect the belts.

There are not many possibilites. Thousands of gamers are using train stations without issues so there must be a simple solution.
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@ Epikttokles - that shouldn't affect unloading/loading. because it doesn't in truck stations nor from my testing.

My guess is that there is a problem with the station, causing the train to not dock like it should.
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We talk about an inbound belt. So if the belt is connected to the Conveyor Pole (directly below the input) instead of the input than it may look like everything is connected but it isn't there is no connection from the pole to Freight Station so it looks like nothing is accepted when in fact a length 1 or even length 0 belt is missing.

EDIT: In that case just remove the Conveyor Pole directly under the input and reconnect the belt this time directly to the Freight Station. If you need a pole for angle than place it at least 2 snaps away from the input because length-2 belts can be achieved but length-1 is very hard to impossible sometimes.
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I may just tear down and start everything over. If it doesn't work after that, I will let you know.
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Daramouthe did you ever find a solution?  I've run into this same problem and I have a little more info.  In this thread Epik was focused on the conveyor but I don't think that's related. In my setup I have the conveyor working fine loading materials onto the freight platform, but I found that as soon as I build/place a locomotive on the rail, the conveyor stops.  So it's like the presence of the locomotive causes the freight platform to lose power.

I came across this by accident...I had deleted the locomotive and freight car for some reason before building the station & platform and so I noticed at some point that my freight platform had some material in it before it stopped.  

I've tested this scenario by deleting and rebuilding rails, train station, platform, and conveyors.  Seems to be the rail cars being the trigger to this problem.
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I faced the same issue and was able to solve it by deconstructing and constructing Freight platform again. Not sure for how long will it work though.
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Try to flip the sides. Worked for me.

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