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So I understand why wearing the hazmat suit might not protect you from everything, it's designed to stop radiation, the filters however are made from the gas mask filters so surely, by default, it should protect you from radiation and gas areas.

While exploring I now need to take: Basher, Rifle + Ton of ammo, Jet Pack + Butt ton of fuel, Blade Runners (I could leave these at home but if I do run out of fuel it's nice to have a fall back for less fall damage and extra jump), Nobelisks and Detonator, Scanner, Chainsaw + a diff type of fuel to the jet pack (In case I get stuck in yet another invisible tree), Gas Mask + Filters, Hazmat Suit + Filters, Health in the form of inhalers.

That's 16 slots if I'm only carrying one stack of fuel/bio fuel/ammo/Nobelisks/Filters

I think we definitely need some sort of way to combine all these things.

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An ammo slot would probably work for the rifle shots, noblisks, filters, and inhalers. The fuel wouldnt be able to be compressed into an ammo slot due to the fact its not technically "Ammo".

 This would limit how much you're able to hold, but adding 4  vertical slots to the right of the character in the inventory once you unlock these items would work. They would be dedicated slots for these items only. Any extra would have to be kept in the player's pocket dimension and take up inventory slots. I think it would be very helpful.
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Making the fuel types universal would help that cause and I think having the Hazmat suit as a Gas mask v2 would work. This way we only need the suit and one type of filters to solve both radiation and gas areas and one type of fuel, and like you said the filters would go into an ammo slot.
Two body slots would mean we could use the jet pack and hazmat in tandem as well.
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I agree too, the filters should work for radiation as well as gas. Like a real life Class A Hazmat Suit or a CBRN.

I initially thought it would and made all my regular filters into Iodine ones. Ran out and found out it didn't, so had to go back and make more regular filters.

I also agree with the quantity of ammo, noblisks etc. Make the stacks bigger at least. Many times I've resorted just my basher because I run out of everything. And mostly now I just leave my riffle and others at my base because they are too cumbersome to carry. Unless it was just exploration, which I don't do much now.

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I fully agree here. The fact that Hazmat Filters are make from normal should give them the possibility to be useful against Gas. It also make no sense, that you need a extra gas mask, if you carry also a Environment Hazard Safety suit with included Mask with you.
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It's particularly annoying if before the t7 patch you started preparing your nuclear base in the swamp. And after the patch discover some of your base is now radiated AND covered with gas pillars.
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