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Now that we've been playing early access for a while, QOL improvements would go a long way towards making the game continually playable.  Over time, I've noticed the staying power of this game (for me and my friends) is in the customization and sense of ownership over your factory.  I mean, that's what was advertised, so good job so far!

Given that, here's a few things I noticed could be improved and why I think they're important :)

  • Signs
    • I want to build storage areas with signage on the containers (all sides of the container, including I/O ports)
    • I want to label buildings
    • I want to help players navigate my walkways
  •  Indoor lights
    • It's been said already but I think it's important because it would increase the immersion factor.  I want to enjoy the inside of my factory as much as the outside.
  • Remote throughput sensors and switches (with custom labels and icons)
    • When we play we often split players into responsibilities.  Sometimes when we reach resource constraints, a busy player A will tell another player B something like "go turn off rods into the storage container, and that should increase throughput" etc.  This breaks the player B's flow in the game because they now have to manage another player's domain when they didn't expect to.  
    • Remote throughput sensors (with map indicators) could help players more quickly understand how a factory works.
    • Wired and remote switches could be a great way to allow everyone to collaborate on factory control panels.
  • Freeform painting
    • Many of our friends don't care about micro management but want to play and help.  One thing these players have in common is they enjoy gathering, improving, and beautifying, but not core construction.  Giving them outlets like factory cosmetics could be a great way to allow them to feel like part of the factory crew.
  • Hotkey Reset Bug (as of 7/13/2019)
    • As a player that's not the game host, my presets get removed every time the host restarts.  This makes me feel bad as soon as I enter the game.  This is easily reproducible so hopefully it's an easy fix.
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