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Hello. How is everyone? I am not seeing a forum specific to my feedback and suggestions. I want to take the time to share

First let me say this game is doing great so far. I think it has a lot of potential. Ok onwards...

It is clear that the game intends for you to be mostly automated. Most of the game is spent monitoring or micro managing when you have things up and running. Getting to that point is difficult as the alternative schematics require you to get a certain item (avoiding spoilers). Then there is other issues such as: Gaps in the Power Generators, a lack of healing, and too much distance to cover by one person. It is nice to have multiplayer games but, some people don't have friends on a game

It is annoying when you have to take the time to get over 5,000 concrete just to make enough foundations, for a railway to get from one resource node, back to "base". It becomes more of a build simulator than an actual build, survive, and explore game
That is the feedback. I will give my suggestions now

What I mean by a gap in Power, is the lack of of resource intensive, or space consuming power options.. the Biomass Generator (forget the name at this time) being a great example of resource intensive. It burns through too much Biomass to be of any help

To reduce the gaps in Power, I recommend introducing a new Power Source. One that doesn't require a resource to connect to, or has to be filled up. A bonus would be the ability to allow a direct connection to a building, or directly to the Power Poles. It is hard to micro manage when the power fluctuates all the time. It makes it difficult to calculate for what can happen

I am thinking a "Biofuel Generator" could be a thing (name it what you want). It is a Greenhouse connected to machinery to allow the growth of plants inside it while at the same time chopping them up to make Biofuel

A generator that has no downsides would be strong so I think it could be limited to 40 MW of power per building. Perhaps it could be researched from MAM using Biomass

Being reliant on Medical Inhalers for full health is perhaps the biggest problem of exploration through out the game. That is due to you relying on melee for a good portion of the game

I am going to suggest a Field Hospital Building. I think it could be similar to the above idea. Instead of having Trees or Plants good for Biofuel, it contains a farm of the healing plants that it chops up to heal you, when you are under it. I am thinking 5 MW is perhaps a good number. It needs to be low so you can rely on it early, while still having power for automation

Last on my list is the single player aspect. The only way that I can see of fixing that specific issue, is change the Concrete numbers. The 1m foundation shouldnt cost as much as much as the larger ones

A Foundation with a rail already on it would help as well. That would make it a 1 step process instead of a two step process

This is all I have for now. I wish the game, the best!
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FYI -- There is a resource free power source -- Qeyser power.
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I like the Foundation + Rail Idea.
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it would be cool to have a new ore, one that you can decide!
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Ah yes sorry. I see I failed to specify. I meant a lower tier non resource power.. Meaning it can be placed anywhere on the map
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