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So for me its starting to get hard to know what I have got auto producing, it would be cool to have a list what tells you, for example I have just placed down a constructor to make concrete if I checked the list (or even a monitor that you have to build would be pretty neat) so I know what I have build to auto make things and if there is more than one machine building the same thing that it will say x2
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i think thats a good idea, i also would like to see an optioun to check the throughput of a belt/merger/splitter

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Currently there are not too many things in the game to really overwhelm people. Just take some notes in RL or on your Desktop what you already have automated, but you normally can see which items you already automated within your factor/ies.

Another way would be to just place beacons next to your facilities named after the product you're fabricating in there.
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My problem is that I have multiple facilities in multiple areas, doing prep-work, waiting for the trains to get fixed.  I have problems at time remembering which building at which site is making item X ... External notes are fine, but an in game solution would be nice.
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Maybe beacons?
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Too many beacons already.  Until they add filters, I been restricting beacons to key node sites that I find and train station locations.
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