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after the patch yesterday i found that two carriges were invisible, the stations unloaded and loaded them but there was nothing there. oh i will update you if the reapear lol

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There was no patch yesterday and not the day before, monday was a little hotfix fixing the slow fps loss over time due to the trains visual effects.

There is still a larger issues with trains in the game. Trains currently have no collission to each other and drive through each other and use tracks at the same time. Automated trains can change switches automatically to drive in the correct direction, however they do this several hundred meters before they arrive at a switch and only the engine does it. If two or more trains use the same switch it can happen that switch change happen at the same time another trains uses the same switch and single or multiple cars of a train can suddenly drive in the wrong direction. Both trains battling over the switch's direction setting until one engine passes the switch, that's why even a car in the middle can be disconnected from the train.

Internally they are still connected to the train therefore loading and unloading happen as normal, but visually and from their driving behaviour they just follow the track the are on, so the engine can drive in another direction as one or more cars of the same train.

The community is hoping for some kind of fix soon as this messes up gameplay with trains at the moment and leading to "ghost" or "possed" cars or train with gaps.

Best solution for the moment until collision is enabled/signals are available would be if automated trains ignore all switches and just drive in the direction they need. So only the player can change switches and automated train no longer change switches direction.
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