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In my opinion, the effect of radioactivity is not very thrilling, because it's just another poisonous gas (except that you can't see it this time). Also, the damage it deals instantly on your character is rather high and not that realistic, radioactivity does not work that way.

I think it would be really exciting if it was like deadly and cruel, but in a more long-term way. As an example I would say:

Instead of just dealing damage (depending on the distance to the U-ore) in a certain area around the uranium, just increase a "exposure" (let me call it E) variable (depending on the distance to U-ore). Then add the value of E to a "cummulative exposure" (CE) after an initial offset-time has passed (which could be strongly dependent on E) and just deal the player randomly damage (depending on CE) with a certain rate (also depending on CE).

Tricky part is when to reset CE to 0. Just after the first death? Then you could just jump to death and grab the lootbox later. Better something like the first death after 2 hours of no exposure. That would be really cruel.

That whole thing would cause in a gameplay style that is like: "Hey, there's a snail here, you can grab it easily, but it will damage you continuously for the next 2 hours or so, no matter where you are."

I really think this would make the whole radioactivity thing more exciting.
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I just spent 2 hours back and forth between our death boxes and our very far away base, also managed to sink a tractor in the process, finally realising that CARRYING URANIUM ORE HURTS YOU!!!

...but yes I agree the danger zone should at the very least be extended further, as the one node we found literally sneaks up on you. The one next to it, really close (both next to a late faaar east of starting area) you can approach in the water and get zero damage (should be a thing), while the other one 10m away doesnt work like that.

I like the idea suggested here of long term exposure caused damage, possibly making you move slower until you cure yourself, but its also possibly a complication above the simple damage vs heals currently in game.

...so my suggestion at this point, is to simply increase its damage radius, with tiny damage quite far away, increasingly incrementally.
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