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I see in UPDATE #2, the team is releasing the Trains upgrade. Which honestly is great, but the comment made on the post 7/5/2019 reads (Only 1 choo allowed. 2nd choo is DLC). Honestly there are a bunch of people who have all forked out cash early to effectively be the guinea pigs in this early access game we play, and already you're pushing for DLC on an unfinished game that's so unoptimized that it has seriously low FPS and gets unplayable in the end-game?

Wake up team. Early Access is a risk for us as early adopters, and you're already starting down a road that will isolate you from your player base.

So my suggestion is.. Any content you create between now and Full Release is not DLC, and if you want to make DLC later that's cool, but just fix the game first before you go adding in features just to please the people with deeper pockets and no care in the world.
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Have you checked the website for full information @geo?

You can relax, there's no DLC and you can have multiple trains. :D
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Umm..not sure if this is a troll or joke post.
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Think he just missed out on the Choo Choo Joke
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Yeah I guess i missed the joke, and not everyone shares the same funny bone.

Anyway.. if they can fix the FPS over adding more content then I'm sure a whole lot of people would be happy. Stopped playing this game for a few months because the FPS is the real joke, I see this post and figure I should probably come back to check it out, check the FPS and yep, nothing new here, still needs work.  The suggestion still stands, fixing the simulation and rendering pipeline is worth a bit of attention.
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