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I play satisfactory and i am german.I try to get space Elevator tier 3 and i only wait of the resources and thats not realy funny so please regulate the cost that will make more fun because you dont need to wait.

PS: sorry for my bad english ;)
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You are still early in he game and you have not discovered new areas, techs, etc etc. Just find an other source, build a miner and slowly continue to expand till the moment you feel the miners produce more then you can handle. Add more machines in the chain etc etc, and at some point you can automate the items needed to unlock the tier. and don't worry, next tiers need more items and complex items. It is supposed to be not that easy.

What you also can do is (like what I did) pop 10 portable miners on 1 source and hook up a container to a smelter (or more) to a container. This way you get like 1000x raw iron that you can throw in the container and will be smelted. It is partially manual and gathering resources is way faster then having 1 miner on the source.

Good luck!
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Hi there,

we all just dont know yet what will become of the space elevater. Aren´t you afraid of the six entry´s and why there are six of them? I really hope we will be forced to make use of them because of heavy costs in late-lategame so we just have connect all six of them to our actual production lines. I really do :-)

To your problem at this stage of your game the answer is quite a bummer I guess: Get bigger, build more, make use of all the ressource spots as good as you can and do some math to use nearly a hundred percent of one ressource spot and do this for all your spots. That takes quiete a lot of time when it comes to huge factories (for absolutly crazieness I absolutely recommend Let`s Play Videos of ImKibitz - just absolutly astonishing and kinda bummer too when one compare one owne´s factory to his, at least for me it is) but it is worth it. And don´t you dare to start a new game - in my experience the first is the best just because it is such a great madman game and there are so many spots...just don´t loose your head ;-)
Besides: Why not explore a little bit here and a little bit there while you wait for the new tech stuff? There are many cool places to build tiny bases for maybe one or two items and in late game you can all shift them via train to your main base when needed  :-)


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i personally think that the costs of all items should be increased.

example, you have 1 storage container full of every item, which is easy. you then have enough to unlock anything.

Upgrading to tier 7 was probably the largest spend so far which is how it should be but i still felt this was low.
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The upgrade to tier 9/10 is allegedly 2500 turbo motors, 5000 Heavy frames & 2500 Quantum computers.

TBH, I agree with the OP in respect to the later costs being too high.
It's assumed you're building a mega-factory.
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The reason there is a Space Elevator is to give the player a goal to strive for. We want that to be a big thing, so we can spend more time making complicated factories, with multiple outputs...


Der Grund, warum es einen Weltraumaufzug gibt, ist, dem Spieler ein Ziel zu geben, nach dem er streben kann. Wir möchten, dass das eine große Sache wird, damit wir mehr zeit damit verbringen können, komplizierte Fabriken mit mehreren Ausgängen zu bauen ...

Lets hope that isnt rubbish ^^^ hahaha
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I would refute the "We"...
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...that would be the royal "we".
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