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I like Mirror's Edge, for it's 1st person action.

In a factory game like this, adding parkour elements would make gameplay a lot cooler

1. New handheld equipment: Zipline.

In MEC, Mirror's Edge Catalyst, you can use the zipline to hook on a node or something and swing to a distant area very quickly, like across a deep canyon, or simply pull you up to a high ground super fast instead of having the risk of falling off when climbing a radio tower.

To do so you will need to install nodes on various locations on the Map, then aim and shoot your zipline to swing or pull yourself towards it

2.Wall running technique

We build walls right? there are also many vertical surfaces in the game, if we can wall run and use our jetpack, that will bring a lot more possibilities in momentum. You can even enable your character to walk on walls, i mean they're made out of iron plates right? Magnetic boots as an addition to the blade runner

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its Satisfactory, not Mirrors Edge. if you want to parcour, play Parcour-games, but this is sorta unnecessary for this kind of game.
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do you not at all realize that this is a FIRST-PERSON-GAME?
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Duh. It still is unnecessary. The frame rate already is tanking in the current builds and whirling yourself all over the place won't help.
Also, the point of it being a FP-game doesn't give it the necessity to be a parcour game. Minecraft isn't, call of duty isn't, battlefield isn't. Parcour mechanics are NOT an easy thing to implement, even less good ones.
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