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Whenever i start the game, the FPS is ether 13 or 44.

I have no idea why this happens.

Edit: I have all of the game video settings set to the lowest option.
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Does this only occur when you start the game or does it last for long?
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yes it happens when i start the game and does not change
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does your computer meet the minimum specs for the game?

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i have an idea why it is happening:

whenever i start up my laptop it says something like this:Alert: the AC adapters wattage and type cannot be determined, battery may not charge.Windows will adjust performance depending on the battery life.

So i think that getting a better AC adapter should do the trick.

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Yep that's a problem with your AC adapter and not the game it's self. All laptops run slower when on battery power by design. You can't get full gpu performance while on battery. It would zap your battery to nothing in 5 minutes. You always have to plug it in to AC power (and make sure it's charging) before loading any game.
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