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I am experiencing very low FPS on my new save, 138 hours, all available tiers unlocked. My computer hardware resources are not maxed out, GPU, CPU & RAM still have plenty of room to move. It appears to get worse the more conveyer belt movement there is, I have a mammoth belt bus system going :), the factory is also multi-level. Below 10 FPS is borderline unplayable when pinpoint accuracy is needed when constructing, fighting enemies & jetpack flying. The construction targeter has also disappeared.

This game is awesome, I hope this FPS issue can be fixed real soon!
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Got the same issue myself, I belive conveyer belts completly ruin your fps after you have a certain amount of them.
In my case the fps drops insanly when the conveyer belts start moving resources.
Not maxing my system either, might be related to the game engine, idk.
Would be nice with an option to hide the items being moved on tier 3/4/5 conveyer belts

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Game uses 1 main core atm. So it dont matter what specs you have, only what that 1 core can do.

And yes, belts tanks your performance a lot.
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Hi CrazyOdd,
it appears you are correct, the game appears to only use one thread of my six-core CPU. So I got curious and started an HWinfo sensor log for a short game session, it revealed that one thread averaged out at 61% usage with an average of 16% Total CPU usage. So even though the game is only using one thread, there is still room for movement.
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