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So, a lot of people say that their automated tractors and trucks get lost a lot, which is a problem I never had when I set up the auto-pilot. But then I realized something:
Most people use foundations as highways. When I set up my tractor routes I usually use the "natural roads" that are on the map (ironically, the river is the best road if you are in the desert).
I noticed before that if I drive over foundations with any kind of vehicle that they sometimes behave somewhat erratically, even when I just drive straight. This is especially pronounced in the Explorer, with the wheels skipping and jumping. This mostly occurs on the borders between foundations.

I think what's happening is that, when you place down two or more foundations, even though they snap together they do not form a perfectly even surface. Vehicles will bump into these uneven bits of foundation and get knocked off of their set course.
Could someone investigate this and maybe improve the way foundations connect?
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Had the same thought. I almost always drive over foundations and it's rather extremly jumpy on the wheels. It makes it very hard to keep on course as sometimes the vehicles changes heading just a bit and if you driving down very fast you can easily loose control over the vehicle. If you touch the wall, if there is one, it's even worse.

I also guess the dreaded "Floor to Steep" effect when building which is still there on rare occacions has something to do with this as well.

At the moment my theory on that is, that the collision box is not perfect on all sides so that a little micro-gap remains, which the wheel detects sometimes and do little micro-jumps leading to wheel- and vehicle-instability.
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