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I am referring to this as a bug because the splitters/mergers are the only thing that do not follow the normal snapping pattern, even when compared with all the other logistic items like conveyor poles and conveyor lifts.

"Normal" Behavior: when holding CTRL and placing an item that is aligned on one dimension on the foundation grid, it increases the aim tolerance for moving the item off the line, but still respects the grid on the other dimension, moving in grid increments

Splitter/Merger Behavior: It will snap on one dimension like the above situation when holding CTRL, but differently, it will no long respect the foundation grid on the other dimension when moving it around (effectively moving like a slide rule)

I do realize this behavior assists with working around minimum belt lengths for some people, but it really feels like that (at a minimum) conveyor poles and lifts should behave in the same way, regardless of which one changes. It is annoying to deal with different components of the item logistics system respecting the foundation grid to different levels, because 1 can through everything else off.
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It's not clear to me what your suggestion is. is it:

  - That splitters and mergers should ignore snapping on BOTH X and Y?
  - That conveyor assets should also ignore snapping on X or Y like the splitters/mergers currently do?
  - That splitters, mergers and conveyor poles should ignore snapping on BOTH X and Y?
(all while holding down <Ctrl>.
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The suggestion is just that splitter and mergers should behave the same as other conveyor assets. That would either be:

1. Making splitters and mergers still respect dimension Y points on a foundation when snapping to X with CTRL, like the other conveyor assets do now. (None of the 3 options above)

2. Making other conveyor assets ignore dimension Y points on a foundation when snapping to dimension X with CTRL, like splitters/mergers do now (This is your bullet 2 above)

It is less a point of which behavior is more correct, but more so that they should all behave the same for grid snapping, regardless of which one is modified in favor of the other.
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