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The randomized resource deposits have the potential to spawn with uranium ore. While veteran players will know to steer clear without proper equipment, new players are likely to grab a handful and wonder why their character is dying. There is no proximity radiation warning as of v0.2.1.2.

Option #1: When populating a map, add radiation at uranium deposits (the radiation can stay even after the deposit is harvested)

Option #2: remove uranium from the list of possible ores in deposits (boring).

edit: to clarify, I am not talking about the large uranium nodes where you can place automatic miners. I'm talking about the small resource deposits scattered across the map. Like this:

edit 2:

Even in the latest main branch, uranium is still in the list for ore deposits.

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Firstly - update your game.
You're playing on experimental which is older than the "main" branch.
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Actually, IRL natural Uranium isn't that radioacive, the U235 is (used in power plants).
We should refine the uranium before use it
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You get a warning by these random deposits in the main game. I can verify this, since I've just discovered a few and they all trigger the radiation warning GUI.

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You get clear warning when coming near any uranium nodes or waste

Is the not enough ?!

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Please read title.
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Uranium deposits give a radiation warning. There's a few near a crash site somewhere and they give off radiation as well as a warning.
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Please read OP
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same as gas, get over it.

This is great, and as below/above it does worn you that you near radiation etc
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You, like kmarkopl and luktopius, are illiterate. Please complete elementary school before responding. See OP edit #2 for evidence.
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