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So this isnt a question perse its more of an observation form 3 days worth of testing 

I started a new save 120+ fps stayed like that for most of my build 

Then i started messing with trains

Built one looped track with a Locomotive and 3 Train carts to haul all my coal back to my steel plant Fps stayed 100+fps for hours of play never dipped to bellow 100fps

Then i got oil and caterium decided that ill use  train to get those resources back to base 

I opted to use the the non looped tracks that are station dead ends (so Loco-cart-loco facing in opposite directions)(track where not connected-one train per track none of the other trains could see those stations).

Then 2 hours in my fps dropped to 80fps (i thought nothing of it becuase that is still really good fps)

Enter the oil era- Setup oil pumps and 6 refineries oh and a enclosed dead end station setup to get plastic to my base .

Low and bahold 10min in my fps drops to 50fps (still not concerned) another hour in my fps in below 30fps 

This is where i decided to to push it and see what happens, I let it run for 3 more hours Fps drops to 15

At this point I save my game and exit to desktop, run the game agian reload and boom back at 60 fps 

Now come the part where i tell you that i know reloading clears what ever cache has built up in the memory 

So after i load back in and get decent fps i decide to delete those double ended loco setups

I save right there and reload and Bam back  to 100fps

so my conclusion is that it has something to do with the double ended trains i cannot be sure of this till the Dev Team takes a look at it .

This is just my observations i will continue to keep this updated while i search for that dreaded FPS sink 

Sincerely yours


Satisfaction Labs Technician


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I fear that trains, in general, are causing FPS drops. It doesn't seem to matter if these are two-way train setups or looped setups. I, myself, am using loops exclusively and my FPS will tank after a while just the same (unless I misunderstood your post and it's the NON-looped ones that are safe to use; I never had a case where I only had non-looped trains).
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Nah its the non looped ones that tank fps alot faster from what ive seen
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Then this might be good feedback towards finding a cause, but looped ones hit the FPS hard as well... :(
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can't say I share the experience...
I have 7 trains running on a 2-track loop (from way south west, to the swamps in the north east) with branched off stations. and it has had zero impact on my fps.  I'll probably get some performance boosts when I remove the belts that I'm still using from my crater base to my main base in the grasslands. (moving the somewhat messed up production from there over the the west.

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We are currently working on the train performance issue, but we could use one or more saves that have a bunch of trains running on them and loss of FPS over time. Anyone available that could share such a save?
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I have a save with poor FPS (below 10FPS on reload) that appears to NOT be related to trains as this save doesn't have any yet.
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