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Thorium Reactors are an actual type of reactor that uses Plutonium, by product of current Reactors, to start the fission process to create energy.

Could this be implemented into the game to assist with the nuclear waste problem?

No, it would not completely resolve the issue, but it could help make it somewhat manageable.

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You're not supposed to re-use it or destroy it. You're supposed to store it, as it is in game right now. It's very easy to create enough storage boxes to have 1+ year of real life play time worth of nuclear waste storage at the moment. Seeing as by the time you can build nuclear plants you have enough of everything else automated to literally have infinite resources and building materials. Having to deal with storing nuclear waste is the "Penalty" / draw back to going to nuclear power at the moment. It's not supposed to be "Free" with no byproduct, that would be way too easy. I know a lot of people "Don't like the waste" and find it annoying to deal with but.. that's the price of going nuclear. And it's super easy to mitigate.

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