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As many have reported there currently issues for frames and general performance drops over time forcing people to reload the game to mitigate the effect.  One would think that this would mean our graphics card are being increasingly put under heavier load the longer the game goes causing the slowdown but, in my own system's case, it seems the opposite.  When I first start the game my system reports a fair amount of graphics card usage as you would expect but over time the usage drops significantly and the performance issues start.  I'm no expert and maybe this is obvious to some of you but it seems to me that is some kind of bottleneck forming over time that prevents the GPU from operating at full efficiency.

Screenshot from a fresh load

 Screenshot from when performance issues start.

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If you have trains on a timetable try to delete all timetables and see if that helps. I had same issue but after removing all train timetables my fps went back up to normal and stays stable for hours and hours of play.
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I have to thank you for this. I have been pulling my hair out trying to figure out why I was having FPS drops, video lag, etc. and as soon as I stopped the trains from running by deleting the time tables - voila! I seem to be fine again.

Correction: I still have some lagging moments when I turn around it seems to try to load elements for the scenery, etc. I'm running an AMD Radeon RX 570 8GB and the game is on an NVMe drive. Would love to run this game in CrossFire since I have two of them but this game doesn't support it. Will try to lower video settings and see if that helps otherwise, not sure what to do now.

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This is due to trains. If you have trains on your save they will cause this. We can only hope they will fix the performance problem with trains in a future patch.
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I can confirm this. after i read your post here, i deleted my train timetables and my fps got a big boost.
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