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So, i built up a base and the performance got worse over time. At first I thought, well that's just how it is, the game isn't all that well optimized. But it got to the point where I basically can't play anymore while the machines are connected to power. The FPS drop below 10, and don't go above ~17, no matter if I'm close to or looking at the factory, just all the time. With power being disconnected, I reach about 45 FPS.

That's when I tried checking out THIS save file from a guy on Reddit, who has built a significantly larger factory, with definitely more conveyor belts and approximately the same power usage (~5000MW, after I emptied a few containers to force the production of new items). However, on that save file I get around 45 FPS with machines and conveyor belts running, and even while looking at tons of belts it doesn't drop below 20.

HERE is my save file, if you want to test it for yourself and tell me if your performance on there is just as bad.

Do you have any suggestions what could be the reason for such low FPS? It seems to me like the CPU is bottlenecking, since it doesn't change whether stuff is on screen or not, but why is the performance on the other file so much better?

A few bits of information that might or might not be important:

  • The lowest level of the factory has a lot of "spaghetti" conveyor belts.
  • There's still a "ruin" of an old factory left in the grass fields in the south, which isn't connected to power anymore.
  • I'm playing with 2 friends and we share the save file online, so sometimes different people are hosting the session with the save file.
  • My friend with a brand new PC doesn't get above ~20 FPS either.
  • It already was this bad before the "Nuclear & Trains" Update.
  • Hardware:
    • i7-3770K @ 3.50GHz
    • Geforce GTX 1060
    • 16GB RAM
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I don't think this will help, as you said your frames are low even when not looking at the factory, but have you tried wrapping walls around it? Also, how busy is your cpu? I have i7-7700k and it's running at 45% utilisation.
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CPU utilization is at about 30%, GPU around 20% and the factory is mostly enclosed by walls already.
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You're CPU and GPU sound like they are bored which is what also happens to mine. Sorry I can't be of any help.
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Update #2 made things worse than before and introduced some new bugs. It used to be possible to play for 2-3 days without closing the game and not suffer any framerate issues beyond what the growth of your construction adds to the game. With the trains update the frame rate starts decreasing and continues to decrease to the extent that after 5+ hours the game turns into a slideshow. Sadly, we will probably need to wait until they return from their vacation(s) in August before they can fix the issue.
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Same issue here.

On Experimental with the Trains it runs with less FPS as Stable but it was kinda smooth the whole time.

Since the Train update in the Stable release, i get after 30-45 min. playtime stuttering low FPS. No matter where place i go on the Map it stays. So it`s not that it depends on heavy big Factorys with lot of animations which cause the issue. It also happends when i was on Map Exploration in the top left Map region. There are no Factorys or Building. I was standing on a little hill, looking down to the ground and was afk for 30 min. , after i was back the game stutters like hell. The only thing i can do about is to restart the Game. But as every time after arround 30 - 45 min. the stutters and low FPS are back.

CPU I7 7700k is arround 50% usage and the GPU 1080 8GB arround 70 - 90% .

16GB 3200 Mhz Ram, System Harddrive M2 NVME SSD and the Game runs on Sata SSD.

I tryd lower Video settings but nothing changed.

I also play only Singleplayer so it`s not Multiplayer related.
My 2 Cent:

The Problem want get forced from high or lower Video Settings or big animated Factorys.

It also doesnt look like a Ram overflow because my Ram usage is arround 7-8 GB stable. I never get more than 10GB Ram usage from my 16 GB Ram but maybe i am wrong here because it feels like a Ram overflow which i know from other Games with that Problem.

I think it`s either Ram Overflow or another Problem which came with the Unreal Engine update.
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I read about this in a other posts and can confirm this issue is train related.
If you delet all your train timetables (you dont need to remove the trains), the fps get a big boost.
I think this is because of the LoD of the trains. No matter how much away the trains are the LoD`s seems always the same (different to conveyer belts).
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I think you have a different problem.
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I have the same issue, but haven't built trains yet. After Update2 i don't get more than 25fps and when running through my little factory it drops to 7 fps witch makes no fun to play.

CPU Load: ~50%
GPU Load: ~35%

System: AMD A10-7800 (3,5Ghz), 8GB DDR3, GTX1070, SSD, Win7
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