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Looking to try and take out a red alpha spitter, but I only have a rebar gun or the basher. I built a wall with some windows so I can shoot through them. However even after taking multiple hits he still hasn't died. I'm wondering if it's Health regains when I walked back far enough that it can't see me anymore.
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The rebar gun is pretty useless - you need to hit enemies about 50 times to do any real damage
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I have noticed this as well, my usual situation is with the small fire spitters:
SENARIO 1: Run up to it, hit it twice, knocks me back, but i get to hit it once more before being out of range, then run back and hit it twice, then it dies. Total hits to kill 5
SENARIO 2: run up to it, hit it twice, knocks me back but not as far as usual, so hit it twice its dead. Total hits to kill 4

I dont know why sometimes it knocks me a shorter distance than other times but i think it has something to do with when i junp and being in the air and stuff.
(All testings done with the basher)
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I haven't tested it on the small spitters, worth a play test to save hit it twice walk away and come back a minute later.
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