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With the new update I can't attach anymore Convoyor Belt to a Convoyor Lift. I try to do the other way, and try to place a belt from the Convoyor Lift to the Convoyor Belt and there have no way to attach. I try to attach directly to my machine, and this doesn't work ether... I tryied everithing for about an hour now, nothing works... Before the update I place 3 or 4, without any issue, but, with the new Trains Update I can't figure out a way to use it... So I'm pretty sure the Convoyor Lift is broken with that version.

I have tried the Convoyor lift MK2 and MK4.

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Maybe a stupid question - but I maintain there are no stupid questions in fault-finding - you're not trying to connect to/from a conveyor pole (stackable or not) which is too close to the lift?
It could be that the snap point isn't where you think it is.
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Belt and lift have same direction?  Because  I find it problematic while setting long belts with lift. You don't get error that direction is wrong. Notice what arrow is while setting it.
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This has tricked me multiple times as well, and I've been too quick to scream "Bug!", when in reality, it's me not checking which directions the lift/conveyor is.

The game will not let you connect a conveyor and/or lift that are moving in opposite directions.
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I have no way set on the conveyor lift I think, but I'm not totally sure anymore, I have to try again when I have the time... This is possible I make something wrong... But this is possibly the new way the connection work, question to avoid connection with convoyor with the wrong dirrection.
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