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So I'm currently standing roughly 1/5th of the entire map away from my base, I look in any of the 3 cardinal directions and I get between 40 and 30 fps.  I look towards my space elevator, I drop to 20.

Wai!  Currently there is a mountain between me and my base, the only thing I can see is the space elevator.  Much sads.  

Currently on the Experimental 101547.  Going to save and check out the Update 2 on the main client to see if they've already fixed it.  S:
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I have to a degree done this, but definitely a 10 height wall surrounding everything, I try to surround as many of the smaller blocks of manufacturing.   But even so, at this point I'm on the other side of at least complete mountain ranges, the only thing I can see is the tip of the space elevator, then lag city.
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Sad news, the walls - they do nothing.   I did a little experiment and built a box, 4 walls a floor and a ceiling.  I stood in the box and received frame-drops when I look towards the bulk of my factory.  looking away I receive better frames.

I mean the single threading will definitely kill you in the end - should be super high priority but not knowing what is required to take a UE4 game up to multithreading I can't say if this is a possibility based on what they've done?  

End of the day adding new content is all well and good, but when you have to increase your infrastructure (and it seems from a number of sources that the root of the issue is the number of belts zippin around) it may be worth getting the engine to the place where the game is still stable when you start getting towards the higher tiers.

Anyhoo.  Update 3, Multi-threading  So many threads!!
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Where did you find Update 3 is multi-threading?

Also I have a 3570K system OC'd @ 5.0 Ghz daily-driver here and I have typically 70% - 80% usage on all 4 cores all the time and no one core is ever loaded any more than any other core. Performance is still terrible though, stutters and hitches everywhere. But it doesn't seem to be single-threaded to me.
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Just wishful thinking.  Trying out Reinstalling VC++ 64 and clearing temp files - some random post on another thread said it helped, it didn't.
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I don't think there's anything that can be done. You're just going to have to deal with it or upgrade to a faster system with a newer processor later. AMD's releasing the new chips on the 7'th of this month in a few days that have the fastest single-core performance in the history of computers to date.. that might be the ultimate Satisfactory chip.
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