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There is no recipe list in the game (showing all the available recipes in one place) or did i just miss it?.....:

When consulting the workbench, one can see the available standard-recipes but not the alternative ones. If one has a specific item in his inventory, also the alternative recipes show up at mouseover. So, the only way to know about available (alternative) recipes of items, one hasn't in his inventory (besides writing it down outside the game when retrieving it) is running to a appropriate machine (with 1, 2 or 4 ingredients) and see the available recipe list.

So, when planning a new production line, and just to sensefully complete the ingame information about this (which is there anyway) a simple list of available recipes for craftable items would be highly appreciated.

This is already in the game: press "X", select the third tab "recipes".

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Use "X" to get the receipe list. I am not sure if it's exclusive to the experimental version of the game, thus will be introduced in the early access version shortly...
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...tried all keys, had no luck. Is also not mentioned under "controls". But i don't play the experimental one. So i will be glad when the patch comes ....(yesterday or so ;-)
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The question was about an ingame recipe list, an in the meantime i learned that key "X" shall not only display messages, but also shows the available recipes. There must be some kind of tab, i missed obviously.... Here is the related wiki entry:


As soon as i can test and confirm, i will close this question as beeing answered (unnecessary somewhat)
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look on the Satisfactory wiki page
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