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Upon starting Satisfactory, the following alert text is displayed in a Windows notification:

WARNING: Known issues with graphics driver

The installed version of the NVIDIA graphics driver has known issues. Please update to the latest driver version.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070
Installed: 388.31
Recommended: 378.92

 You might notice that the installed version is more recent than the recommended version, but the message says "update to the latest driver version." It's very unclear whether:

  • I am actually running a bad driver version and should downgrade
  • My version is fine, and the game is simply coded to always look for 378.92, and needs to have its recommendation updated.
I suggest either updating the driver version that Satisfactory recommends, or adjusting the message to not claim that you should update to the "latest" driver version.
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It would be nice to see a disable message popup check box. So you no longer get that annoying popup driver message. As you can not update the old hardware drivers to today's standards. I have an issue like this too. Except mine is for ati radeon hd 4600 series drivers. I get an update this driver to v16 from v8. When you are using a pc that was before its time and yet, not yet on legacy. It will still play the game. Some of us are not going to pay the $40 to upgrade an old system too a 2 GB GPU or can not afford to do so. Please add a check box to disable popup warning of driver out of date. Thank you.

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The current driver version from Nvidia is 430.86 at the time of writing this. Your driver version is 1 year and 7 months out of date. Your driver is not "Fine" at all, it's grossly out of date. You should not be using that driver for anything, especially modern games. Update your video drivers to the current version and this message will go away.
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430.86 IS the newest version at the time of writing this post.

However, that doesn't explain the warning. The warning is literally telling them to downgrade to an even older version.

The warning needs fixed.
OP, upgrade your dang drivers.
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