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Could be related to where they go over points and the engines separate from the freight cars and then re-join but not at the right place.


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Good evening,

I did encounter this bug too and could solve it by deleting the time table for the train, hopped into it and stopped it. After that I was able to delete the whole train. I hope this is possible in your savegame but there seems to be so many corners and edges related to the trains at his moment that this just could not work for you.

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I can confirm that the issue isnt related to trains swapping lanes. Ive had a train on a single track between two stations, with loops at the end. Unless the trains are swapping the tracks and going the wrong way on these loops.

As for not being able to delete them, its because one of the trains is on a slight slope.
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As for being unable to delete them, chaotea is correct. If they are moving at all, you can't delete them. I have an issue where to get to my base, the trains must go up a long slope. Sometimes however by the time they get there, the locomotive is by itself and the rest of the cars are on the slope, so the train is unable to stop at the station as it keeps being dragged back by the weight of the cars on the slope - the entire ground around the station is flat (it's all foundations), but the cars have separated and are halfway up the slope.

I end up having to create a loop at the base and just send the locomotive around the loop multiple times until the entire train is on flat ground before I can delete the timetable and then the train. But this bug is happening to me so often that it's not worth it to keep doing. Trains are basically inoperable for me until this is fixed.
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This can be caused by multiple trains on the same line. If 2 trains pass through a switched track at about the same time, it can cause either one of the trains to go off in the wrong direction or split the loco and carriages of a train (loco takes one turn and the carriages take another). The train still acts as if its all connected, but will not dock properly. If you can get the train to stop moving by getting both the loco and carriages on flat track, you should be able to dismantle it.

It's a problem that's carried over from experimental unfortunately, hopefully they fix it when they're back from their break.
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