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Wind-Movement of large reddish/pink bambus trees is completly off disconcerting to see.


I can't stand it any longer. Now I took the time to make a report about it.

Due to the current train testing I was building a lot on the edge of the southers red bambus biome near the deep cliffs. Since 0.1.14 or something there are those large red bambus tree with the redish leaves. Wind moment was added with some patch, but it behaves very very strange and eratic sometime I'm even scared a bit because some random trees suddenly bow 30° and more (40° sometimes) and very fast not even a hurrican would be able to do it like that. And return back and stay still.

And only handful of other tree are moving also, but also very erradic and non-conform to the other trees. It looks like a giant spider army is cutting down trees and the tree just jump back again. It's very disconcerting, especially since two trees can be standing right next to each other and only one move or they move differently.

Step to reproduce

Just walk a while in the bambus forrest and watch.


Medium to Low

Solution / Suggestion / Fix

Please disable this feature like it is now so that they are standing still again and turn it back on when everything moves smoothly like a light summer breeze but not this selected horror bowing of trees.

And with wind hole groups of trees if not everything in the area moves not just one or two while everything else is not moving a leave. That's what makes this so disconcerting.


Okay I just watched this thing in the northern forest. It looks better there, though still room for improvement to make it look more natural. But in the pink forest it's completly off. Maybe it has something todo with the enormous size of the trees there or with the density of trees.

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