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I started in the rocky desert and built a few production lines, e.g. Heavy Modular Frame (10/min), Computer (30/min) etc. - so far nothing special.

Since all production lines got enough energy there is a massive frame drop to 10-15 FPS - even if I'm far away from the production lines.

Everything is built up with conveyor belts - no trucks.

Savegame size around 60 MB.


  • Intel i7 6700K
  • RTX 2080 (driver is up to date)
  • 16 GB RAM
  • SSD
BTW: I'm playing the stable version #99427.
Does anyone know a possible solution?
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Hi, the engine and the animations are not yet optimized, on my game the save is 130MB and I am at 30FPS on a RTX 2060.

To know that if you have several trucks in automatic it influences the performances and also the fact to have a lot of conveyors that also impacts the performances.
Multiplayer also impacts performance.

The good news is that on the experimental version I won 10FPS and so I'm at 40FPS solo.

My hardware :
Intel I7 6700K
Nvidia RTX 2060
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