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Adding a certain type of conveyor belt which allows you to run a cable into it, acces the power network through it and connecting machines to it might be a very useful addition to the game.

Now, I understand this might be a bit too overpowerd initially, but we can bypass this by hiding this conveyor belt behind maybe Tier 4-6 in the HUB, for example within the 'Advanced Caterium Electronics' Milestone, which then could also require Quickwire instead of normal wire to build. Also, it could be done so that you can only use this sort of conveyor belt in either straight or level belts (and to be able to only connect 1 machine per, lets say, 3 meters of belt), to make it more suited for indoor factories and let power poles be used to easily cover large distances with power lines.

Another point for that could be the option to avoid the nasty clipping of power-lines all the way through your factory, after you added a few more sections without reconnecting the power grid.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

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The general idea is good if also somewhat overpowered as you mentioned. But not if it means we need a duplication of belts, e.g. 2 variations of mk3, 4, ... and the vertical ones as well. The cabling inside factories is sometimes precarious at the moment space problems, belts are in the way or no clear line of seight, walls or windows walls is sometimes a nightmare. That why I suggested having ceiling mounted power cables which could help ease the problem.

Maybe the better solution would be to be able to upgrade existing belts with a in-build power line, like an optional upgrade for a belt with power line material costs. Of course we need an indicator for them, e.g. some additional lights for cables so that we can see which conveyor were upgraded. And it should be easy like upgrade belts now, just point and click once. And we would need a splitter/merger like device as a connector to feed the net.
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with the direct upgrade and needed visual indication, you might as well give the player the option to directly build the 'electrified belt', if i may call it that way.

One should definetly be able to directly upgrade the belt if possible, though you'd have to do 2 actions to create an electrified conveyor line, while you could just instantly
 build it from the menu. Both ways would be useful, i guess.

Item elevators, splitters and mergers would also be necessary, sure, but that would just be the way it goes with such a feature.
I think even though it might seem a bit much at first, players would get used to it relatively quickly.
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There is a plan for powered foundations and walls. So anything on a foundation connected trough foundation or walls gets power. No poles needed.

You would only need poles to connect stuff off foundations and there is a pole to foundation connector to go from one to the other and vice versa
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aight, cool!
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Oh they work like that! I knew about their existence, but I thought I will than still need to connect a wire between the e.g. constructor and the wall, which would be an improvement to now, but if the power is directly funneled into the devices, this is even better.
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