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Thoughts on ammunition crafted from nuclear waste? Lead foundation's have already been suggested as a means to contain this waste, but thought it might be interesting to continue this production chain further. The idea of dealing with this waste is intriguing, even if it means stockpiling on the edge of the map, but would like a way for it to somehow be useful. Also irradiated noblisk because spiders.

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Satisfactory fauna is immune to radiation.
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Go figure right? Was thinking more along the lines of extra damage to whatever the current status effect would be for rifles/noblisk. Think they have damage modifiers based on the weapons though rather than ammo anyways.

Might be difficult to justify though if these alien creatures are basically cockroaches and just aren't effected by radiation.
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Well we get a mk2 rifle for more oomph.

NOW where is my  scope with IR vision?
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The interesting thing about depleted uranium ammunition is not the radiation - it's the mass of the bullets that makes them really effective against armor. Following that argument, depleted uranium ammo could be quite the thing against the type of beasts that are obviously armored as they drop carapaces...
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