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I love this game already, got a compact cluster f*** factory for everything you can make up to Tier 4, fps starting to die even on lowest graphics. Do you think adding either an setting to hide conveyor items or a better solution, craftable conveyor 'shield' would help with this?

The shield would let you skip render items moving on the belt and also let you walk on conveyors without getting launched. To show that the conveyor is still working you could use the lights already on conveyors and make them change colour to green/yellow/red.

Green being conveyor is full of items and receiving/exporting new items every x per minute not sure what you would set that to would need some testing. Red would be the conveyor has not received items ever or for say 2 minutes.

sounds like a good addition to me but I have no idea how much performance you would save by doing this. My gtx 1070 is at 93% usage while writing this and my cpu is at 90%. Im guessing all the connected inventories are the cpu bottle neck and my cpu is a bit old/early access probably isn't as optimised as it could be but the conveyor shield doesnt sound that hard to implement for easy performance increase.
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Interesting idea, one suggestion i can give you is walling off your builds, wall of sub sections of your factories as well. It will increase your fps dramatically.
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First off let me say i don't disagree.

But.. this only works if your limited by your gpu, not cpu.
If limited by cpu, no matter what you do to hide stuff, you won't see much of an increase, as the cpu still has to calculate all the stuff.

just my 2 cents. :)
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Interesting, I wrote a similar suggestion myself, you got my upvote!
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