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There aren't actually roads in this game, there is foundation, so that's what I mean by roads. That being said, when I make a length of road that is one wide I would love to not fall off the road when the explorer spins out of control due to the bug with the explorer interacting with the foundation. These roads I make are often far up in the sky in order to get across mountains and what not. Like the long long drive to oil locations.

Work around

What I have done is make my roads double wide and put up walls on either side so that if I do spin out of control I won't fly off the side and down the side of a mountain.

What I am suggesting

What I would prefer is:

  1. A dedicated barrier/curb option for "roads"
  2. Have a lower profile than a wall so I can see off the sides
  3. Make it easy to lay down like conveyor. Meaning lay units of barrier in a stretch.
From looking at people on YouTube with "unlocked" games, it is evident that barriers are coming.  It is probable that you will have to lay each foundation's-worth separately (so not in a strip like you would like).
Oh that's cool! I didn't even know there was an unlocked version. If you don't mind could you link here what you saw if you still have it?
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