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Yeah I've been mining through the game files and can't find a save one. I've pumped 100 hrs into a save on 1 Pc and want to move them across to another one. Is this possible?

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As of Patch 0.102, the save file is located here:


Experimental Patch 0.1.5 lists this location as the following, but they resolve to the same location in default windows installations:

Thank you very much!
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If you transfer files to another computer, they DO work.

However, if your intent is to give your save file to a friend, that will not work quite as you may want. The save file is coded to your epic launcher account (or something similar. either way, the game will still show up as YOUR save), and the save will be tied to your own account.

I know, as I have done both things above.
Cheers. I was gonna use it for myself anyway but nice to know the other information!
My friend and I daily email a save file back and forth, works fine for us.   The reason we do this is because multiplayer crashes after a min or two, so frustrating as its so much more fun playing with someone else.
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cara isso não tem nada haver, eu faço isso meu amigo, ele  pega o arquivo coloca na pasta no pc dele e depois ele upa de novo e eu faço a mesma coisa e não dá na de erro. Atenção dá super certo isso.
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So, my friend and I share a single world that we don't always work on at the same time.  We have done this since the game was released in early access.  I play alone sometimes, he plays alone sometimes, and we are even able to play together with no save conflicts.

We created symbolic links from the save Location to our dropbox folders, then we setup a shared folder for both of us.  So basically every time my game auto-saves, dropbox updates and my friend has the most current save file for our game as well.

This has been a fantastic solution for us.  Hope this helps

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