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I was getting crashes when loading my save file, so I loaded older and older save files until I got one that didn't crash. I played some, I saved and I went to bed. Today I tried to load my newest save file and I got crashes again. So I did the same process of loading older and older save files until I got one that works.Somewhat surprisingly, the first save file to work was the same one that worked yesterday as well.

I have done some testing since then and I have discovered this:

  • SaveFile A (crashes on load)
  • SaveFile B (loads correctly, but any savefile derived from this save file will crash on load)
  • SaveFile C (loads correctly, and any savefile derived from this save file will load correctly)

Any derivative save file (A) from this save file (B) will crash when I try to load it. If I load a save file OLDER than that one (C) and make new savefile (A'), that save file will load correctly.

I can't post files using this site and I don't really want to post them somewhere else and link them here, but if a CS dev is interested in tracking down this bug and asks for these save files I will be happy to provide them. I have copied them to a separate folder on my computer so I can find them easily.

I am NOT on the experimental build.

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thanks, but I'm not on the experimental build. I will clarify this in my report.
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This solution was working for 6 minutes.
Than i died & still not aible Zorn load my have game

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This is now resolved on the main branch (trains and nuclear update)
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