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The Player Spawns below the Ground lvl and keep taking falling dmg till death again.

Its an endless circle.

How to reproduce:

Move the HUB to a higher lvl, when you die now (before the game is rehosted or saved),

you will get this bug.

How to Fix as Player:

Reload a Game where another player is alive, and let him move the HUB back

to a lower or same lvl then before.
I'm guessing this is in multiplayer mode?
Does this also happen in single player mode?

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What fixed it for me.

Do it yourself if you can or let a friend do if you already are falling infinite and do not have a save where you are not falling.

1. Place the hub on the ground (in the grass etc)

2. Save the game.

3. Leave the game by going to main menu.

4. Enter the game.

(4.5. Let a friend join, this is what we did but possible not needed)

5. Respawn.
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