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Add smelter recipe incinerate as the title says.  This does the following:

  • Gives players away to trash items (helps deal with the sushi belt, smart splittler, buffer whatever issues)
  • Stays within the spirit of the game as the player has to build infrastructure to incinerate and if they want to trash fast, they need to build multiple smelters and build the belt network to support it.
  • Don't allow nuclear waste to be 'incinerated'.

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I was suggesting a specific building for that, but your idea would be much easier to implement. Having this would be great, but the "overflow" output of advanced splitters would still be needed on top.
I never understood people wanting to trash items enough that you'd need a machine to automate it. If you have too much of something, just shut down production, stop making more of it.

Also, there is a trash feature in the inventory so you can already trash items if you really want to, just drag whatever you don't want to the trash can icon and boom, gone.
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The autodelete would be good for overflowing production lines where you use smart/programmable splitters.
But again, if you're producing so much excess that you need to incinerate it, just stop producing so much. Once you unlock power shards you can set machines to run below 100% clock speed. That would solve your overflow issues AND reduce power requirements.

And to be clear, I'm not saying the devs *shouldn't* add an incinerator function. I don't see it as necessary and I almost certainly wouldn't use it but I'm not saying it *shouldn't* exist.
Think sushi belts.  1 belt that is 2 miles long and rather than running 2 belts, you put more than 1 item on a belt.  You can do that  today however you must buffer the heck out of 1 of the 2 items more than likely and you'll run out of buffer eventually or you'll cause everything to stop.

If you incinerate you can 'always' buffer so that your belt with more than 1 item will 'always' move.
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