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New with Experimental #100692: When you sort your inventory with the craft bench open, the list of inventory items displayed in the center of the screen no longer disappears after a few seconds, but stays on screen permanently.

Related to but different issue.

Workaround: Enter a vehicle.
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Also when items were took from a container. Appears after a put item down animation, which normaly does not appear.
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Yep, have to restart the game, use a vehicle or move items between containers to inventory to clear it
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Another workaround (when not near a container or vehicle) is to drop any one item onto the floor and pick it back up again.
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Also what helps very quick is: equip yourself with a tool to the handslot (chainsaw, zapper, whatever) and than bring it back to inventory.
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Same here :C

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Experimental is outdated, 2 updates behind of stable build.
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You are wrong. I explicitly referred to experimental build #100692 which was released a few hours ago.

Please correct or delete your reply and undo your downvote.
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You can also pick up an item (or drop into the container take back) to make some or all of the notifications clear.  I assume it has to do with the countdown timer for notifications to disappear not being called or set in the sort function which seemingly doesn't sort in a traditional manner it looks like it calls to remove the items then add/pickup the items in order, probably just set the countdown timer to make the notifications disappear or make it near instant since I don't think you really need to see that "picked up items" notification when just sorting inventory.
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Agreed. The indication is useful for normal pick ups but not for sorting.
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Dragging an item from a handslot to your main inventory will update the UI and remove the list.
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Not an answer but a comment.
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