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Hey guys. I've been playing Satisfactory for a while with my friends, and it's an amazing game, but this bug has been making me want to throw my PC out of the window.

The problem: Every 10-30 minutes, the game freezes. This happens completely randomly, and is not linked to a special action (it can also freeze if I simply stand still). If this happens, I need to alt+tab, go to the task-manager and manually end the task (quit the game), because there is nothing I can do during that time. Please note that the game does not crash, it merely freezes permanently. I have seen many solutions here, but sadly none work for me. Here are a list of things that are 100% not the problem:

My hardware: GTX 1070 + i7 + 16GB ram
Any antivirus: Not running any antivirus except for windows
Driver updates: Always 100% updated
Network quality: permanently 25MB from both the host and receiver (me)
Bad install: completely reinstalled twice, nothing happened

if anyone knows a solution, i'm really really thankful <3

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I had this happen to me as well, not as oft as you claim, but the freezing is not permanent.

After ALT-TAB the game works again, however there is then bug, I can't place or remove  any thing, only after reloading save all works again.

AMD FX-9590 5GHz turbo mode,16GB ram, GTX980
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I also had some random freezes, but theses are not game related in any way shape or form as I was also experiencing those in other games and other applications where I stress my system a lot. Theses are typically due to Windows driver errors / driver conflicts / registry errors / corrupted files.

You need to either:

  • A: Run some diagnostic tools to find and fix those issues
  • B: Do a system restore
  • C: Do a clean install of Windows.

If A does not work, and you don't want to deal with B and C, then your only option is to just deal with it. Personally, I tried to fix it, then dealt with it for a while, and yesterday, after another problem cropped up, decided to just go for C. It's the most drastic option, but it's also the one option that typically just works.

It can also be related to unstable overclocks. As a side note, Turbo mode is technically an overclock and it would most likely be active during your gaming sessions. If your power delivery isn't able to feed the processor adequatetly, then anything from those freezes to full blown crashes and BSOD will happen. There's a lot of peoples out there putting top of the line processors on motherboards that can just barely handle them or underestimated how power hungry their system is going to be. If you are confident in your skills, one way to test this is to deactivate Turbo mode and see what happens.

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good luck
you are not going to find a solution looking at:
-hardware(problems would appear in other games)
-drivers(here is wild west, anything from microcodes to prerequisites, better to assume its not this)
-antivirus(game would just not start)
I assume that its not a corrupt save file, and that you've run the game without anything by eather killing processes in task manager or by using more in-depth apps like 'autoruns' and turning off everything non core windows related.
My best bet is to look at memory, clear %temp% and reset Virtual memory (delete, restart pc, set to automatic, restart pc) if you haven't tried already.
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