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Watched a You Tuber this week and he did something to remove the mist and stated that this reduces the lag.

How he did it doesnt work in the normal game mode but it would be nice to tinker with some of the settings to remove as much lag as possible.

Not sure if this is possible as i have noticed that the mist is the worse when moving from one area to the next. may be a feature that has been specifically added to load the next area etc.
Instead of removing the mist how about an Option to reduce the amount of mist that the system is putting out.   So if you want less mist you can just move a cursor for less.

I think the mist adds a bit of mystery and also sets part of the tone for the area/s you are at.  So I would not want to have it completely removed even as an option.

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Removing the fog does indeed reduce lag, and by quite a margin, even on high end systems. For that matter, it's really buggy. I can see it flashing in and out of existance when looking at it from far away. The console method does work right now, but we can't be garantied that it will work long term, so the devs do need to address this issue.

Also, this has been suggested multiple times. Before making a new thread, you should always make a search to see if it has been suggested before. Supporting existing threads increases their visibility and the likelyhood that a feature will make it in game.
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