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If we're going to have to deal with radiation and nuclear waste, then please add give us lead walls, floors and ceilings so we can make ourselves safe passages.
My plan isn't to build a structure encasing the entire Nuclear Reactor. I presume the reactor itself won't be radioactive (but I could be wrong). I too would love to have the reactor proudly on display in my factory.

But the uranium ore going into the reactor and the nuclear waste coming out of the reactor, those will be dangerous. So if we have lead walls, floors and ceiling, we can build a containment corridor that blocks the radiation coming in and out of our reactor without having to hide the entire structure.
The Nucelar plant is radioactive while operational and supply with Uranium rods.
Really?! Booo. Well I guess I’m (we’re) gonna have to build it/them away from the factory. Too bad.
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Will be cool not a lead structure. See my things:
1. Lead paint - that allow paint any structure and do it protected from radiation!
2. Radiation suit must be manufactured from lead not the aluminum.
3. Lead cover for a conveyor belt - apply to any conveyor belt and they stop radiation.
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well, Caterium was called "gold" in the beta. Gold is denser than lead making it even better at protecting against high energy radiation (just a lot more expensive).

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You will have radiation suite, that will be only protection.
Yes, I'm aware of this. The point of my post is to suggest that we have lead walls, floors and ceilings in addition to anti-radiation suit.

From what I've seen so far, it seems we can have the anti-radiation suit OR the jet pack but not both. I rely on my jet pack to get around my factory. I don't want to have to take it off each time I want to get close to my nuclear reactor.

If we have lead walls, floors and ceilings, we can make a safe, enclosed space where the uranium ore and the nuclear waste can travel in and out of the reactor without killing us and without forcing us to switch from jet pack to anti-radiation suit all the time.
Even if they are expensive to build, being able to control radiation with lead walls would lead to some really cool reactor builds.
This would introduce building complexity, quality of life and balance too, meaning you still need to wear that hazmat suit when initially dealing and setting up your uranium stuff, but when you come back to grab some stuff or are simply passing the area your not randomly bombarded with radiation, or have to walk slowly by with a rad suit.
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I believe that the current requirement of using a hazmat suit instead of a jetpack creates an incentive for using jump pads and walkways at later points in the game.  Many players seem to simply ignore these options(especially walkways) when they get the jetpack.

While I agree that we should have some sort of protected building options(floors & walls), I don't think using 'lead' would be the best option.  Lead would require a whole new production chain, including new resource nodes all over the map.  However, it's possible that we might be able to use some sort of combination of existing materials to create those protecting building options.

In 'the real world', there are a few different elements which have some radiation-protective properties.  Most of these are not currently available in the game, but alloys with similar properties may be usable.  From some light research, common elements for radiation-protection include: tin, bismuth, and tungsten.  Apparently, activated charcoal also has some radiation-resistance, though it's certainly not total resistance(only about 50-70%, IIRC).  Additionally, there are some articles denoting silica as being somewhat protective.

Perhaps in this highly futuristic game world there is an improved process by which coal(possibly compacted/enhanced coal), silica, and concrete can be used to create a protective building material.  This process would not require any additional resource nodes to be scattered about and yet would still require additional assembly and manufacturing buildings be used for new production, which would in turn use more power and further justify the creation of nuclear power plants.

As a final note; we do not currently know for what S.A.M. ore is used.  It's possible that it also has some unique radiation protection properties.  It may be forthcoming in Tier 8 or higher.  With nuclear chains available in Tier 7 and radiation protection in Tier 8 or above, there would be incentive to first create nuclear power plants far away to supply necessary power and later allow the creation of protected building materials, allowing factories to be expanded to support nuclear chains within.

These are just a few ideas thrown together to provide options for developers that would require less work than creating new resource nodes all over the map in addition to new production chains.  A few additional recipes, and few additional textures, and a copy & property addition for a few existing game objects is much less work than would be adding a new resource, which would still require all the aforementioned modifications.
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Water is also an Excellent protector from radioactivity - look into 'Spent Fuel Pool' for more information. With Glass and Water (possibly a new node unless they can turn current bodies of water into a 'resource' and allow it to be 'pumped out' - Might be worth adding though given the demand to add Hydroponics so we can grow healing items)

This could be used to make 8mx4mx2m (WxHxD) walls/foundations which, while also being clear would eliminate the vast majority of harmful radioactivity (Gamma loses half its energy in ~15cm or 0.15m of water!) AND allow you to see through into the building and gaze at the core.
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